Monday, September 13, 2010


mon-ran 2 miles to robin hood, did 4 loops at 1400 meters each. 4:31,38,59,38. Need to watch pace on future workouts. Ran 2 back. 8 mile day.
tues-Ran Yale 5 at an easy 34:10.
wed- Ran easy 3 AM, Ran 2.5 to HS track ran 18 loops alternating 75 seconds and 95 seconds. Went a bit off pace and feeling the burn in a bad way. Ran 2.5 back.
Day total 12.5
thurs-3 AM miles, 5 PM miles felt good
sat-Ran 2 mile warm up, 5 mile race in 27:21, 2 mile cool down
sun-ran 10 miles in 69:45, felt a little rough on the legs at points, but overall a great run. Hilly Goose course i believe.

Total:52.5 miles

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